Canada and Niagara Falls

When we were at my Aunt's house we decided to take a short weekend trip up to Canada. I was really exited because I had never been there but had always wanted to. It's a 8 hour drive from there house in Barrington to Toronto and it's not really fun for a two year old to sit in a car that long so we slept in Syracuse one night to make the driving easier. 

When we woke up we still had another three hours to go so when we finally got to Toronto we just went straight to our hotel rooms to relax. We went to a very nice restaurant for dinner and then a quick swim before bedtime. 

The next morning we headed off to downtown Toronto and enjoyed the excitement of being in a new city. We went to the very top of the CN Tower and saw over the whole city. You got a better understanding of Toronto and saw exactly how big Lake Ontario is. It was fun because I had to keep arguing with my niece that it wasn't the sea, it was just a big lake.

The International film festival was being held that same weekend and a lot people were standing for more than four hours in a line just to sit in a movie theatre and watch a movie with the people that made it. I wouldn't bother to do that, it would be fun but I would have to be on the list of the people that made the movie. But for some people it's really awesome and there were a lot of actors in town and we actually happened to see Jason Bateman which was cool because he's a really talented actor.

Our second day in Toronto was wet but we still went out to explore the city. We took a Hop on Hop off bus tour which was really fun mostly just because our tour guide was so awesome. We also went on a boat ride but that was so boring and not only because it was raining but because that guide was really boring. It kind of took the fun out of it but we'll just have to remember the fun parts.

The next morning we had a 8 hour drive home ahead of us so we checked out of the hotel before noon. We stopped at Niagara Falls on the way and spent about three hours taking pictures and eating at the historical waterfall. It was very beautiful and what surprised me the most was that it was right in the middle of a town. I kind of expected it to be in the middle of nowhere but this was fine too. We got back around 1 am so it was a long and lazy day.