We come from Iceland, the volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.  We have lived in different European countries and enjoy learning new customs and meeting new people.

Our journey over the last 2 decades has been an adventures one.  We started in the Netherlands to study for Master Degree.  We went on to live in Luxembourg, where we came across our freedom vehicle - Nu Skin Enterprises.  Having built our Nu Skin business all over Europe in the last 16 years, we are now going for the world taking it to the next level.  This is an amazing venture that gives us the opportunity to mix the wonders of freedom into the fabrics of working our own leverage business.


Gudrun and Benedikt

We met in high school and started dating at the age of 17.  At 22 we got married and had our first child, Björn Andri.  Being from Iceland, we knew from early on that we wanted to explore the world and not be limited to our little island.  We had clear goals on getting a solid education and expand our horizon.  

We chose very different career paths as Gudrun became a teacher and Benedikt got an education in Engineering in Iceland and a MBA from Holland.  After studying in Holland, Benedikt landed his (at the time) dream job at an international bank in Luxembourg. 

Five years into our marriage, we had our second boy, Atli Steinn.  Now we had two boys and shortly after coming to Luxembourg Gudrun started to explore her work options.  It was then, early in 1997, she got to know Nu Skin.  Not long after, Benedikt joined and it took us 18 months to build a solid foundation that allowed him to resign from the banking job and to pursue our dream together.

A year into the business, we had our third child, Borg Dóra, who is currently on the road with us.

Today we are most grateful for each other, our health and our three children.  Björn is now 26, Atli 21 and Dora 15.  We love playing golf, spending time with our family and to have the freedom of choice to live, work and travel when we want, where we want and as much as we want!





Borg Dóra

I'm 15 years old and for the next year I'm going to be taking my 10th grade on the road. 

I was born in Luxembourg and by the time I was 2 months old, I had already visited 8 countries. I've lived in Luxembourg for three years, Spain for four years and in Iceland for eight years. In my 15 years I've traveled a lot and overall been to over 20 countries. I've been to a lot of awesome places but my three favourite ones are New York City, Peru and Hawaii. 

I've alway's loved traveling and making changes so this trip is going to be a great experience.