I had been looking forward to go to Florida because I had never been there and it's a popular vacation spot for Icelanders. Many of my friends had been there so I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. They had mostly been to Orlando and I was in Miami and I don't know if theres a big difference between the two places but based on what I've seen I'm pretty sure that Florida won't be one of my favourite places.

It was either raining or way too hot. The air was so heavy and damp that my hair curled up and got really crazy.  

Despite the weather we went out for dinners and drove around the neighbourhood and saw a lot of things. We also took a tour around Miami which was fun and it was cloudy outside so it wasn't to warm. Miami is cool and Miami beach was nice but it's probably really crowded on a sunny day. You learn a lot about a city when you take a tour with a guide so we like to do that when we get a chance. 

I would like to come to Miami again during a different part of the year and also see if it's different in other places in Florida.