Rhode Island

Our big trip begun on the 20th of August and our first stop was Rhode Island.

We flew to Boston and took a bus to Providence. My cousins were waiting there to pick us up and it was great to finally meet them again. We spent a few days on the beach and visited some nearby towns. We relaxed and enjoyed the fact that the trip had begun. 

Then the schools started and my little nieces started first and fourth grade. I stayed at home with their younger brother who's two but he wouldn't start at daycare for another week or so. I started to study a bit and plan where we were going to next and my parents worked. We mostly just stayed at home or went to restaurants but it was cozy to just do nothing and relax a bit.

There is a tradition in Providence where they light big torches that stand out of water, that´s called waterfire. We went downtown the night that they had it and it was really fun to watch. I'd seen it before, just a few months earlier when I was visiting them, but my parents hadn't so we decided to let them see it. People go out on small boats and light the fires as the sun sets. All the kids really wanted to go on one of those boats and I admit it's probably fun. We got there pretty early so we got a nice place to sit at and watch as they lit the first torch.