Salt Lake City

After driving from LA to San Francisco a few day's earlier I wasn't that thrilled of driving 10 hours through the desert that is Nevada, but compared to the bus ride we had in Peru.. this was nothing.

There wasn't much to see on the way, mostly just dirt and the occasional casino in a tiny town. But as we got closer to our destination we started to see salt planes or that´s at least what we think it was, we where seeing as it had gotten really dark outside. 

We were in Salt Lake City for a big convention held by Nu Skin every other year. We arrived a few days prior to it and met up with one of my dad's sister's and her coworker. We also met one of my parents old friends from the company and went hiking with her and her family. We did a little shopping but it was limited as we didn't have endless space in our bags. 

Another thing we managed to do before the convention was go pumpkin carving with Sandie Tillotson and her family. I had done it once before at my aunt's house a year earlier but it was the first time for my mom and dad. I have to admit that theirs turned out a bit nicer as I tried something harder that failed while they did the basic Jack O' Lantern face. There I also met Sophia who is one of Sandie's daughters. We had met once before in Hawaii but it was nice to finally meet someone my own age. We met a few other times over the convention and I enjoyed getting some time away from my parents. 

During the convention itself I stayed in our hotel room and studied but one of the things I did attend was the Force For Good gala dinner. There we raised over 2.2 million dollars for people in Malawi, Africa. It was the first auction I've been to and it was really spectacular to see the amount of money people were putting into this foundation. Amongst other things over 40 families got sponsorship and I'm proud to say that we sponsor two of those families for a year. 

The convention ended with a big entertainment from Seal and then we were off to another adventure with a few extra people.