Bryce Canyon and Zion national park

As I mentioned in my Salt Lake blog, we were now traveling around as a small group for a few days. We started by driving down from Salt Lake, through Provo and to a place called Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon is a big canyon with very odd rock formations. They look as if their growing upward and seem very likely to brake at any moment. We got there when it was dark and were pretty surprised because it was snowing. We slept in a hotel that had a ski resort kind of feeling to it and the snow made it all the more believable. We hoped that there wouldn't be too much snow when we would wake up because the rocks were supposed to be red and we didn't want to miss that. The following morning we were a bit disappointed because there was a lot of snow everywhere, but when we got to the canyon we saw that the snow gave it a spectacular feeling. We saw the red colour so we weren't missing anything and, in my opinion, everyone who has seen this without the snow it missing something. The canyon always looks the same day after day, but the snow made it spacial and unique. 

We kept on driving the rest of the day because our next destination was Zion national park.

Zion national park and Bryce Canyon are not at all alike though there's not much distance between them. Zion's rock formations are smoother and don't have that red colour. We weren't staying for long so we couldn't see the caves that were there but instead we saw a lot of animals and enjoyed a short hike.