San Francisco


After LA mom and dad had to go to a conference in Salt Lake but before that we decided to drive to San Francisco and add one more city to our list. We were only going to stay two nights so it was a very brief visit. 

Driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco can take five hours on a boring highway but we decided to take a bit more time and drive by the coastline. We stopped at Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz, which were both very beautiful towns. They were very peaceful and quiet and just simple places to be at. 

The coastline was very nice and a lot more fun that seeing nothing. There was one part though that didn't seem nice because the ground was so dry that there was so much dust in the air. The rest of the drive was still nice and beautiful to watch the sun go down over the sea.

We got to San Francisco when it was dark so we didn't see much then but the day after we say almost everything. We did the usual thing and took a hop on hop off bus around town and ended at the pier. There we saw advertisements for Segway tours and after little consideration decided to go. I had never been on a Segway before but my parents had both gone in Budapest. The tour was for three hours but I got the hang of it in under a minute. We saw almost everything that represents San Francisco - The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and a lot of hills. Mom and dad had been expecting a lot of hills so I don't know how they saw it but for me there was plenty. After that tour we took the bus back to our hotel for some dinner.

We stayed for a very short time here but when I think about it then we saw a lot. It's still definitely a place I want to go to again and then hopefully stay a bit longer :D