Pirate's Cove, Boulder City, Nevada

There is absolutely power in imagination, staying at Pirate´s Cove is like staying at a five star amusement park.  And not only was the premises spectacular, but on top of that we also got an absolute five star service, with wonderful and healthy food prepared for every meal.

Pirate's Cove is situated in Boulder City, a city that formed around workers and services to the building of Hoover dam. 

It is very odd to drive into a relatively normal neighborhood and then enter this pirate place that covers an area that could easily hold several big properties.

We all got our own suites with names, like “Egyptian Treasure Suite” or “Gun Powder Suite” or even “Voodoo Suite”.  There are no limits to the imagination that has gone into this place.

We were so fortunate not only to spend time there with Sandie Tillotson and her closest crew, but also with Craig Tillotson, who owns the place and is the master-mind behind it.  Craig is nothing short of a legend in Nu Skin and the direct sales industry as such.  His journey started almost 30 years ago and he set the standards for all of us to follow.

Craig was an absolute pleasure to get to know better and so were all the other people, like Mark Roney, Jeff and Diana Zisselman and others.

Craig told us that building this place had been his pet project for over 20 years.  Even though his daughters keep telling him that “less is more” he keeps adding stuff to it every time he stumbles across some interesting pirate stuff and he keeps telling them that this is not a design thing but a collection.

Dora kind of vanished during this time as she finally had someone her age to talk to as Sophia, Sandie´s daughter (16) was there as well and the girls had some good time just talking and hanging out.

The truth is that for all of us this time was very relaxing.  We came there on Friday and did not leave the premises until Monday and why would we?  We had everything we could ask for right there.  Beautiful and comfortable areas both indoor and outdoor.  Several pools, slopes and hot tubs to relax in and a fully equipped gym.  We even borrowed Sandie´s private trainer one morning and he pushed us for a very good workout.

This place is probably one of the absolutely best places for teamwork and bonding that you can think of.  We feel honored and thankful for the opportunity to spend time with these wonderful and strong people that not only understand well, but also live by the definition that “whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve” and that there are “no limits”.

When we left from Pirate´s Cove we took the direction to Los Angeles.  On the way we stopped at the Peggy Sue 50's diner.  This was a real establishment and we felt that we actually had jumped back into the 50's.  We had a quick bite and it was for sure not a TR90 certified portion they offered.  But a cool place to see and they are actually on Route 66, so it's kind of a perfect situation.