We all started our year in Iceland but my mom and I quickly left the semi cold winter there and went to Providence were is was really cold. We took a short weekend trip to New York with all the kids who really seemed to like Toys”R”us. After that my mom went to Europe to meet my dad and I went to England to stay with my cousin, Alexandra. After a few days we all met again to take a flight to Dubai, which was our one day stopover trip on the way to Africa.

We decided to stay only one day in Dubai but we wanted to make the most of it. We had a eight hour private tour of the city that made it seem like we’d been there for days. I was quite exited to be going to Dubai because I’ve seen Sex and the City and it looked really fun there. In the movie they were actually more out in the desert and on camels but unfortunately we didn’t experience that. When I go there again I will definitely be more away from the city and see a different type of Dubai.

 Dubai has the best of everything. The tallest building, biggest mall, largest inside skiing area and so much more. They even had the largest fish tank which was indeed inside the biggest mall. We didn’t actually buy anything in the mall but it was fun to go anyway.

We drove all around the new and old parts of the city and it was incredible to see how much it has grown. We saw most of the city, and although it’s very fake it’s still very modern and quite beautiful. Anyone can live there as long as they have a job, but you’re kicked out as soon as you loose it. It’s a very protected city and there are both cameras everywhere and special taxis for women. If you’re originally from the United Arabian Emirates you get almost everything for free. Your given a house, a good job, your kids go to school for free and you don’t pay any taxes so there’s really no reason for you to leave.

We ended the trip on a spice marked were we saw more spices then I thought could exist. The smell there was also amazing but it’s probably very overwhelming to stay there too long.

After that tour we were very tired, obviously, but we still had a ten hour wait at the airport and a ten hour flight to Cape Town ahead of us.