For Christmas itself we were going to stay in Amsterdam. Again we found an odd place to sleep in because now we were staying on man-made islands. The house we were in is half in the water, but others around us stood completely in the middle of it. This house was on three floors and the stairs were a bit better than in the cube houses in Rotterdam, but it was still a hassle walking up and down. 

Everything in Amsterdam was very Christmassy and we went to a variety of Christmas markets. In one of them there was a archery station were you were supposed to shoot four balloons with six arrows. Me and Atli have done a bit of archery in Iceland so we were a bit better that our parents and that showed in the end result.. They were still pretty good for beginners and mom won a small teddy bear for trying. 

We of course couldn't take a lot of presents with us so the gift part took a rather short time. Instead we played cards and a few cardboard games that were in the house. 

We could have gone to a lot of museums and tourist sites but instead we just relaxed and had a cozy time in the house. We met a few of my parents old friends and they of course used the time to do some business.

It was a lot of fun having one of my brothers with me but I still missed spending Christmas with my oldest brother who stayed in Iceland.