Rotterdam and Gouda

After a lot of different ideas we decided to spend Christmas in Holland. One of my two older brothers, Atli, came with us. He suggested that we should come here because it had been a very long time since he had last visited. My mom, dad and two brothers all lived in Rotterdam before I was born so it was nice to go and see where they had lived. 

My brother is also studying to become a architect and wanted to come to Holland to look at schools. Almost every building in Rotterdam is very weird. The house we stayed in for the first part of our trip shows that very well. 

It's called a cube house, because it's basically a very big cube. It's on five floors and for me that was hell. I slept on the very top floor so it wasn't like I could just skip a floor or two. It was still very cool to have tried it and fun to be able to say that you have stayed there as they are very famous in Holland.

We had a very nice time in Rotterdam. It had started to become a bit cold outside so it was very cozy to have a cup of hot chocolate whilst walking around. We visited a few other places like my dad's school, their old house, a museum and a town called Gouda. It's very small and different from Rotterdam in a way because it has very small streets and a beautiful town square. It's very authentic and has small dikes running through the whole town, so over all it's just a very cute town.