Pirates Cove

To explain Pirates Cove I would have to say that it's like a amusement with no lines, almost no people and a bunch of pirate stuff. 

It's of course not as big or has endless slides to choose from but it's privately owned and has a lot of things to do. There are two slides, a rope to swing into one of the pools, hot tubs, endless places to jump into the water from (the biggest is 15m high) and so much more.

Sophia was there so we were either watching tv shows or jumping into pools all weekend. 

When we first got there I also just walked around for hours because there was so much to see. Both inside and outside everything was themed. We stayed in a room called "The Egyptian Treasure Suite" and in there were a lot of things from Egypt. There was also a room called "The Voodoo Suite" that had shrunken heads and stuff in them. Creepy at first, true, but Sophia stayed in there so I got used to it with time.