Las Vegas and Grand Canyon

I was very exited when we were going to Vegas, I mean, who wouldn't be? I've seen a lot of movies that take place in Vegas and it's almost all the same. The only difference that I noticed is that they make it look more fancy in the movies. When your watching the Oceans 11, 12 and 13 movies everyone in the casino looks so happy and cheer when someone wins but in reality it's a very sad place to be in. 

The whole casino is so dark and you can't see any daylight. That way nothing changes so time passes without you noticing. The people in there are most very old and just sit smoking, drinking and occasionally hitting the machine cursing if they don't win.

There was a casino in the lobby of every hotel in Vegas except for ours. We stayed in the Vdara and if I go back there then thats the hotel I'm staying in. All the hotel rooms were suites and we had a panoramic one so we had a great view of the city. Our hotel was connected to the Bellagio with a skywalk and we were next to Aria, a huge hotel where Last Vegas (amongst other movies) was filmed. 

When we were in Vegas we took a helicopter ride over Grand Canyon. I'd never been in a helicopter before this so I was thrilled. The Grand Canyon is really spectacular and flying over it so close was amazing.

We also went to a Cirque du Soleil show that was fantastic. We went to the Beatles show "Love" but there are a lot of others that would have been fun to go on too. We rented a hummer limousine before the show and drove around a bit before having dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Nobu, where the food was fantastic. It was a lot of raw fish that I'm not a big fan of but almost everything there was really good.