In May 2013 we took a little warm up for our big trip by going to Hawaii. This had been my dream for so many years and I was thrilled when the opportunity came up.

I flew in with my two brothers, Atli and Bjorn, and their girlfriends, Berglind and Eva. My mom and dad were already there because of the Team Elite trip. The fact that my brothers and their girlfriends were with made the trip much more exiting. We did things that me and my parents would never do on our own like go scuba diving. Atli had also always wanted to go to Hawaii so being there all together was so fun after having always heard him talk about it when I was a little girl.

We started by flying to Seattle, witch took about seven hours from our tiny island in the middle of the sea. Then we took another airplane for five hours just to get to another even smaller island plus a three hour delay. 

There are seven main islands in Hawaii and we chose to start in Kauai. It's a very beautiful place and well worthy of the name paradise. There we went hiking and kayaking - zip lined, snorkelled and went paddle boarding in the sea. I also tried scuba diving. It was fun, but It kind of felt like someone was suffocating me so I'll just go snorkelling next time. 

On one of our last days there we took a boat ride out to the Forbidden Island and the Napali Coast. It is forbidden to go on the island so it's not just a fansy name. We did get to snorkell there though and that was amazing. The water was very deep and we saw all kinds of fish and plants including a seal. When we went by the Napali Coast we saw some dolfins a few times. We didn't get to swim with them but seeing them has gotta count. On the way back I fell asleep and woke up to someone screaming that they'd seen a hammerhead. For those who don't know, a hammerhead is a type of shark so that's not what you want to hear when you are on a boat. We ended up chasing it a bit, but it got board and swam away.

The next part of the trip was to Honolulu on the island of Oahu. There we went to see Pearl Harbour and the USS Arizona Memorial. It was very touching and incredible to experience. We spent a few days on Waikiki beach and went shopping. Oahu is totally different from Kauai but it was still fun to see. It's much more comercial with it´s famous beach and big skyscrapers, when there is a law in Kauai that no house can be taller than the average palmtree. The difference is so unique and I'd love to visit all the other islands too.

On our last night we experienced a thing called the floating of the lanterns. Thousands of people gather on the beach and put lanterns with messages to loved ones into the sea and float them away. The first lanterns are put into the ocean when the sun sets and all you can see are small balls of light floating away. The lanterns are gathered by boats and kayaks and used again next year. We didn't get a chance to write anything on the lanterns but I'd love to do that some day.