Los Angeles

My dream is to become a filmmaker and direct both regular and animated movies so Los Angeles was a very good place to be. I loved everything about it, all the people were nice and friendly and it was just the kind of atmosphere I like to be in. We stayed right by West Hollywood just above Universal Studios and next to Warner Bros Studios so it was like heaven for me.

When we came from Peru we stopped for a few days in Miami and though I didn't like the weather the last time I was there it was so good to be back in civilization. We used the days we were there for relaxation and spa.  Miami earned a few more points. It's a nice place to go if you just want to relax and not care about what your hair looks like for a week or two.

Whilst we were in California we used our time to explore Hollywood and as much of LA as we could. We went down town on a hop on hop off bus and spent a lot of time in The Grove. We ate lunch with Erin and Ian Ziering, who you may know from the old 90210 shows. We also ate breakfast with Ian and their older daughter at a place called The Griddle, which gives you enough food to last a week. The thing that would stand out would still be Universal Studios because we went on a VIP tour around the park and the studio. We got to see the set of Parenthood (which I actually don't watch but will most likely start doing now) and the houses from Desperate Housewives, which are only worth mentioning to annoy my friends because those shows are beyond boring. We saw a few more places that movies are often filmed at and a storage place where they rent out all kinds of things for people willing to pay for it. 

As talented as America, especially Hollywood, is with movies and TV shows it sucks in commercials!  Most of them are so cheesy and terribly overacted that it just becomes sad to watch after a while. They are also way to long. If you are watching a movie it becomes twice as long which makes it a complete waste of time. When I sit and watch cable TV I judge every commercial that comes. It's kind of turned into a game, a boring game but it's still better than being brainwashed by amateurs.