The day we came to Cusco was the day we'd been in a bus for more than 22 hours. As you may imagine we were very lazy and tired, especially me cause I hadn't slept at all that night. We arrived in Cusco around four O' clock and barely managed to eat before we went to sleep. 

Cusco is a lot prettier than Lima and it was really fun spending a few day's there. There were a lot of markets where people, mostly women, were selling souvenirs. Some of the stuff was just junk but a lot of it was very useful two. We went to one market pretty often and now just call it our market. We bought a lot at the market and it turned out to be quite a problem because we couldn't fit it all into our bags… We also bought some souvenirs from small kids that were walking around the street but only if they weren't to persuasive. 

From what I'd seen of Cusco the day before seemed pretty old fashioned and remote to what I've seen. Lima was a bit like this but there seemed to be less stress in Cusco. I'd managed to sleep a lot that night so I was very excited to go and explore the city.

Our hotel wasn't far from the main square so it was easy to walk. When we got to the main square we saw hop on hop off buses and decided to go on one of those to get a better feeling of the city. I wasn't thrilled about going into a car but it didn't take that long to drive around and we stopped a lot so it was fine. Cusco lies in a valley and in the tour we drove up one side and saw over everything. Cusco is really pretty and you saw that almost all the houses looked the same. They all had the same roof but were painted differently. 

The next two day's we took a trip out of town to see the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. These two days will be in different blogs.

We arrived at our hotel pretty late after a long day in Machu Picchu. The next day we were tired so we just relaxed and had a lazy morning. In the afternoon we'd decided to go to a chocolate museum and learn about chocolate. We chose to do a workshop called "beans to bars" and in that we learned the process that it takes to make chocolate. What surprised me the most was that chocolate comes from a fruit. The seeds from the fruit are dehydrated, roasted and melted so you never know if you could make something from the seeds of oranges or melons. 

At the chocolate museum I had a moment of fame when a group off kids and grownups all wanted a photo with me. They stopped me when I was walking out of the museum and constantly took photos of me for about five minutes. It was really funny and weird but I could understand it because I was much taller than all of them.

On our last day in Cusco we took a trip around Cusco again but saw different things than on the hop on hop off tour.  The most interesting were the ruins at Saksaywaman.