Rhode Island and Connecticut

Starting off in America with some very valuable family time with Gudrun´s sister and her family has been absolutely wonderful.

We have been able to see the girls (7 and 10) off on their first day of school and take part in all the excitement surrounding the school start has been a lot of fun.   Not to mention playing around with their gorgeous two year old brother.  That´s a handful.

Exploring the towns of Providence, Barrington, Bristol and Newport has been nice but the most valuable part has been to spend time with Lilja, Kjartan and the kids as we have seen very little of them the last year.

Westport with the Feltons

We came in the late afternoon and went directly to the clubhouse where we where invited for a dinner.  The setting was fantastic and the golf course looked great.  Unfortunately, we didn´t have time to play there, but we will do that next time.

Laura and Mitch were so nice to offer us to stay in their guesthouse, a very nice little house that usually goes by the name "Ian´s suite" as he stays there every time he comes from LA to do business in Connecticut. 

Ian Ziering was one of the big stars of the famous Hollywood TV program "90210".  What is even more interesting is that he has become an Emerald Executive (the latest we heard).  He got involved with the business when ageLOC came onto the stage.  It´s pretty sure that we will work with him more in the coming years, both in USA and Europe.

It was very cool to wake up in the morning in Westport.  The tranquil feeling of a successful Nu Skin business is evident in all the lifestyle of the Feltons.  Like many in the business they are on the go and always willing to help with business building.  We will be meeting them in Miami a little later in September. 

This is how it should be, you are going around and meeting nice people all around the world.  Building business and mingling at the same time - just perfect.